First hunt with CTX 3030

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First hunt with CTX 3030 Empty First hunt with CTX 3030

Post by Gman on Thu Jun 07, 2012 10:57 pm

Today, I hit a spot that I've pounded hard with my E-trac. It has produced 3 silver dimes, and 25+ wheaties. I didn't find any coins, but had some interesting finds. Half a tax token, a flattened piece of lead, a broken harmonica reed, and a small buckle.
First hunt with CTX 3030 Random

Can't say that I would or wouldn't have found them with my E-Trac, but I did have one find that I might not have dug using the E-Trac. It's a piece of iron, with a brass or copper ring on one side. We think it might be part of a valve stem, minus the stem, from a truck tire.
First hunt with CTX 3030 Changer

With the CTX, I was getting a 12-42 and an iron signal from multiple angles. After digging it, I laid it on the ground and scanned it with the E-trac. With the detection field running "perpendicular" to the iron, it nulled out. Running "parallel", I was getting a ragged sounding 1-38 that jumped around to about 6-38. Not sure I would have dug it.

With the brass ring down, both machines nulled on it. With it up, the CTX got an iron and coin signal at multiple angles. Using my E-trac, Tinthumb found one angle that he said he might dig it from.

I wish now that I had been in more of a testing mode, and marked the spot, then scanned it with the E-trac before digging it.

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