Relic Hunt with FrEaK and DpDave

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Relic Hunt with FrEaK and DpDave

Post by GonehuntingForHistory on Mon Feb 06, 2012 1:33 am

Freak came down and met Dave and I at the military crossing that I have done so well in the last year. We had a great time. I found several pieces of lead but, nothing spectacular.. I did find a really old spoon, unfortunately it was only a piece. There was an odd decoration on the back.

I did get a low 90's signal on the Garrett's AT Gold. It ended up being some sort of door lock plate.. The front has what appeared to be a decoration that rotated to cover the key hole, the a mechanism that had a bar that might have slide up and down to open the door.
The square hole on the left side had a small bar that broke off during recovery..

this is the back of the plate. Notice the mechanism..

I found a few more odds and ends, including a piece of an old knife-minus the handle and part of the the blade, along with a whatzit posted in the Whatzit column..
again not really an exciting hunt Sleep , but it was a blast to hunt with my buds... Those two together are a trip.. lol!

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Re: Relic Hunt with FrEaK and DpDave

Post by Guest on Wed Feb 08, 2012 1:14 pm

Great finds GH


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