Last night's hunt with the Three E's 02/16/2012

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Last night's hunt with the Three E's    02/16/2012 Empty Last night's hunt with the Three E's 02/16/2012

Post by Guest on Fri Feb 17, 2012 6:13 pm

Freak, Gonehunting and myself did a little hunting last night 02/16/12. We hunted Durant for a little until it was getting dark and then we decided to try my home turf. Well after about 1 1/2 hours of hunting, Freak comes over and shows me his Rosie, hadn't seen GH in a while so I didn't know what he had found, but about 30 minutes later I find out he had found two Mercs. So they are about to go home and I am like thinking I just got my but kicked on my on home field. Well I told them I was going to probably hunt for a while longer. They knew I wanted to get on the Silver score board too, well about 5 minutes after they left I found a 1944 Merc, so I was happy, I had finally found silver for the night. Well you know how that stuff works on your mind, I couldn't quit I just had to find number 2, then 2 became 3 and so on, until I had found 7, my best hunt since my other brother Dp started hunting. I remember texting GH and letting him know how my hunt was going and about the fifth silver he says he was going to chloroform his wife and kids and would be right out to help gather the silver with me. I lost about 15 minutes of hunting time about then, because I couldn't stop and pick myself up off the ground for all the laughing.

Thanks, for looking


Sorry about the video, my EVIL and NOT RIGHT twin brother Dpdave38 made it and forced me to use it.


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Last night's hunt with the Three E's    02/16/2012 Empty Re: Last night's hunt with the Three E's 02/16/2012

Post by GonehuntingForHistory on Fri Feb 17, 2012 6:15 pm

Shocked hey congrats.. I know where Im going when the sun goes down.. I said it once I will say it again the silver comes out after sundown.. lol!

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